Rodney Anderson is our president and co-founder and the “burritoer” behind Pancheros. The Pancheros’ story is a humble one. Rodney spent his fair share of time frequenting local taquerias around Chicago while getting his MBA. Applying his newly acquired college education, he realized there was a fundamental issue with the supply and demand of burritos – mostly, that there was a high demand but low supply. He set out to fix that by opening Pancheros and satisfying the demand for superior burritos. The rest is history, and we’ve been rolling great burritos ever since. (You can see our history in a convenient timeline located on this page!).

Each Pancheros' tortilla is made and pressed fresh on the spot. No two are the same. Like snowflakes, only prettier, tastier, and much better suited for bundling up beans and salsa.

Our tortillas won't let you down. Ever. Because they're fresh, they're structurally sound. In other words, it's not gonna fall apart, re-routing a big glob of guac to your chinos. Your mouth wins. Your pants win. Everybody wins.

We like it simple. So we said no to fryers, freezers and all things involving photons. We just need a bowl for dough making. A press for turning that dough into tortillas. And a grill for filling them with the freshest ingredients.

With Bob's help, we've torn down the walls that once stood between meat and rice, between beans and salsa. Ingredients can now co-conspire as one. Bob has single-handedly revolutionized burrito eating, and eating, forever.

1992 Founder Rodney Anderson opens the first Pancheros in downtown Iowa City.
2000 Growth across the Midwest, and Rodney opens a second location in Iowa City to meet demand.
2003 Pancheros invites others to share the success - begins franchising.
2011 Pancheros now operating more than 50 restaurants nationwide.
2013 Enjoyed systemwide sales growth of 17%.
2017 You become a franchisee and realize burritos are your true calling in life.
1998 Begin fresh-pressing tortillas for each order. The world of burritos is changed forever.
2002 Pancheros' nine restaurants serve more than one million burrito lovers.
2007 Revolutionize the burrito world a second time with the introduction of Bob the Tool to mix burrito ingredients.
2012 Pancheros introduces updated logo and branding elements.
2016 Pancheros continues East Coast domination, bringing new franchisees into the system for CT, NJ, and PA.

Having started Pancheros in Iowa, Rodney had the unique disadvantage of catering to a small audience. This wasn’t Chicago, L.A. or N.Y., where you can disappoint customers and new ones are just around the corner to try you. Perfection was demanded from the beginning in order to keep current customers wanting to come back. Sure enough, by focusing on the food and operations, with a heavy nod to customer service, Rodney won over Iowa City and became a staple of the downtown experience. That mentality of fighting to keep every customer continues to drive the popularity of Pancheros today. With a focus on operations, customer service, and simplicity Pancheros has replicated success all over the country.

Burrito Franchise Opportunities

At Pancheros we pride ourselves on the ability to make a better burrito that out-burritos the competition. Our customers know the difference, and our franchisees benefit from the difference. Download your free copy of Burrito Gossip to learn what makes Pancheros different, and what makes Pancheros burrito franchise opportunities so great!


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