Burrito Franchisor Biographies

franchisor - Rodney Anderson

Rodney Anderson, President

Rodney founded Pancheros Mexican Grill in 1992 in Iowa City, Iowa. Under his franchisor guidance, the fast-casual concept has grown to more than 70 locations in 14 states.

Gary Matusiak

Gary Matusiak, VP of Franchise Development

Primed with more than 25 years of restaurant industry experience, Gary has been in this role with Pancheros since 2010. Prior to coming to Pancheros, Gary worked for a company that helped develop multiple restaurant chains around the world.

Barry Nelson

Barry Nelson, VP of Operations

Barry is responsible for company-operated and franchise restaurant oversight, brand management, technology innovation, and menu/supply chain management.

Ryan Murrin

Ryan Murrin, VP of Marketing

Ryan has 20+ years in marketing and advertising experience, including 15 years leading advertising and media strategy, consumer insights, direct response, integrated marketing and CRM/Loyalty functions for a fast casual chain of 2400 restaurants.

Nanette Beiner

Nanette Beiner, Director of Real Estate

Nanette assists and supports franchisees with all of their real estate needs. This includes communication of Panchero's real estate process and site criteria, field review and approval of sites to move forward to real estate committee (REC) and final approval of sites on the real estate committee.

Shannon Krauss

Shannon Krauss, Director of Design & Construction

In 2002, Shannon began her career with Pancheros when the 9th company-operated restaurant had just opened and franchising was taking off. Shannon was hired as the Opening Coordinator, a position intended to develop a teachable system for all pre-opening tasks. She had the opportunity to learn all facets of the business: operations, site selection, marketing, and accounting. After fulfilling the goals of the Opening Coordinator position, Shannon took over the Design and Construction Department for the franchisor in 2008, overseeing all new builds, remodels, and materials selection.

Kelly Henrich

Kelly Henrich

Kelly provides support for new and existing franchisees as well as the operations team. She is responsible for the onboarding of new franchisees, including Discovery Day, orientation, contracts, etc. She creates and maintains all new franchise agreements and renewals. She also tracks and maintains all legal documents for all franchised restaurants.

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Gary Matusiak, Vice President of Franchise Development
319-545-6565 | franchising@pancheros.com