There's nothing else like a Pancheros Burrito. That very fact brings a loyal base of customers back day after day. We're quick, simple, and fresh--and those winning ingredients allow us to meet the needs of a wide range of the population.

From 18-year-olds getting out of class in Madison, Wisconsin, to moms and dads running their kids around in Glassboro, New Jersey, Pancheros is the go-to choice for anyone who likes fresh-pressed tortillas, perfectly-mixed ingredients, and velvety queso (wait, isn't that everyone?).

Business is good.

When selecting a site, we require the following area demographics:

  • 20,000 daytime population in 2 mile radius
  • $65,000 median household income
  • 70% + population with some college education

To get the dough ball rolling, message our VP of Franchise Development, Gary Matusiak at, and we'll be in touch.

At Pancheros we pride ourselves on the ability to make a better burrito that out-burritos the competition. Our customers know the difference, and our franchisees benefit from the difference. Download your free copy of Burrito Gossip to learn what makes Pancheros different, and what makes Pancheros a great franchise opportunity.