Franchisee Success Stories:

P.J. Miller - Sioux Falls, SD

Please tell us a bit about your background?

I have been in the restaurant business for 11 years, starting right out of college. I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Business Management degree. While in college I managed a Subway restaurant, and after college I got into the Subway Business. I am a Subway franchisee as well as a Pancheros franchisee. I love working in restaurants; it's all I've done my entire life. Being able to serve customers and make them happy is very enjoyable for me.

How long have you been a Pancheros franchisee?

A little over a year, we opened our first location in September 2016.

Why did you decide to join the Pancheros brand?

I liked the business model of simplicity and fast service with fresh, high-quality products. I wanted to diversify into the growing fast casual restaurant segment, and Pancheros gave me that. This combined with the fact I had enjoyed Pancheros food for years in college made it a great fit.

What type of support do you receive from corporate?

Pancheros does quarterly snapshot visits. This is when my Franchise Consultant visits my restaurant and inspects all areas of my operation. I particularly like these. I received them in Subways as well, and they are helpful in getting a different perspective of the strength of operations.

What do you think separates Pancheros from the competition?

Quality of products hands down.

What do you enjoy most about being a Pancheros franchisee?

I enjoy working in the restaurant. It’s a fun atmosphere and serving the customers is made easy with the simplicity of the menu and ability to provide insanely fast service.

What advice would you give someone who is considering investing in the Pancheros brand?

Be ready for a fast-paced restaurant. It's burritos, it's fun, and it's fast!

Where do you see the Pancheros brand going in the future and how do you feel this will benefit you?

I feel this brand will continue to grow its units opened. With so many markets available for development, I don't see how the brand won't continue to grow. I look forward to seeing us reach over 100 units.

At Pancheros we pride ourselves on the ability to make a better burrito that out-burritos the competition. Our customers know the difference, and our franchisees benefit from the difference. Download your free copy of Burrito Gossip to learn what makes Pancheros different, and what makes Pancheros a great franchise opportunity.


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