Types of Investments Include Franchise Real Estate

When investing in a new franchise, your portfolio should include a variety of types of investments, including real estate.

Real Estate

Site Requirements

  • 2,000-2,400 +/- square feet
  • High visibility end-cap and freestanding locations
  • 30-feet minimum frontage
  • Maximum signage allowed by local code
  • Patio seating
  • 30 parking spaces
  • Area with strong mix of retail and office

Demographic Requirements

  • 20,000 +/- daytime population in 2-mile radius
  • $55,000+ median household income
  • 60%+ population with some college education

Utility Requirements

  • One (1) ton HVAC per 150 square feet with economizers
  • Sprinkler heads turned up at 15'0" above finished floor
  • Gas: 950,0000 BTU's in addition to any requirements for rooftop units
  • 4" sanitary sewer line
  • 1"-2" water line for 67.5 gallon/minute @ 45 psi
  • Grease trap (if required by code to be exterior)
  • High-speed, digital commercial data communications

For More Information

Contact Pancheros’ Director of Real Estate or e-mail realestate@pancheros.com.

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